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Welcome to our website!

Why another holiday website?

The Scottish Highlands & Islands is our favourite holiday destination and we have spent most of our holidays exploring the area during the past ten years. We’ve put in a lot of hours finding holiday accommodation in the Scottish Highlands & Islands and felt that there was a lack of modern, clear and simple websites to help us plan our holidays. Sometimes we would click on a link in the search results and the website would be so cluttered that we were quickly clicking that “back” arrow to find something a little less hectic and easier to use. Some websites looked outdated and we weren’t sure they’d been updated in quite a while.

We felt that tourists and businesses in the Scottish Highlands & Islands deserved better and this inspired us to have a go at creating the kind of website we would want to use ourselves.

Why use Holiday Scottish Highlands & Islands?

So this is the result – a simple directory listing accommodation, things to see and do, places to eat and more plus a blog packed with lots of advice to make the most of your holiday. Through running the new website, we are discovering new places we want to visit and the list of holiday cottages we want to stay at is getting out of control!

We work with independent holiday businesses and leading holiday companies to offer you a wide choice of accommodation in the wonderful Scottish Highlands and Islands.

You’ll also find our popular Local Tips section where local people share the best things to see and do in their area of the Scottish Highlands & Islands. This is one of our favourite sections and we’ve met some lovely people through this feature.

Your comments

We love our website and hope you do too. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the website, please get in touch.

Sharing our Highlands & Islands addiction

We want to share our Scotland addiction with you by giving you some ideas and advice to make the most of your holiday in the stunning Scottish Highlands and Islands. We plan to include:

We’d also love to hear from you about your adventures, top tips and recommendations.

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