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Jun 03
TV, videos and webcams of the Scottish Highlands and Islands

You might not be able to go to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, but they can come…

Apr 09
Midges in Scotland: how to prevent midge bites (& stop midge bites itching)

Don’t let the midges in Scotland stop you from enjoying the Scottish Highlands…

Mar 30
Books about Scotland’s wildlife

Scotland’s wildlife is one of the biggest attractions for us and we spend many…

Feb 19
Scottish gifts (2020/2021): handmade Scottish gifts, Scottish-themed gifts

We give you some ideas of the best Scottish gifts for birthday, Christmas, wedding…

Feb 05
Can you see the Northern Lights in Scotland? (2020/2021)

Can you see the Northern Lights in Scotland? What are the Northern Lights? When is the…

Jan 02
Best cabins in Scotland (2020)

Self-catering holidays in log cabins and lodges in Scotland are becoming more popular.…

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