Book: Christopher Swan: Harris In The Spring

“Harris in the Spring” is a book by Christopher Swan, an award-winning landscape photographer who I first discovered on Twitter. I loved his photographic style which seems to be prefectly matched to the drama and colour of his favourite location, the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Christopher agreed to share some of his photos with us along with his tips for holidays in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands. You can read his Local Tips: Beautiful places in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands where you will see Christopher’s passion for the island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. But Christopher puts it so much better than me…

Christopher Swan: Harris in the Spring - beach at sunset

“I don’t know what it is, but something about Harris speaks to me. It has grabbed me and when I’m not there I find myself thinking of it like no other place I’ve been before. When I’m back in Glasgow I find myself daydreaming about the ferry pulling into Tarbert, imagining the promontories of rock either side ushering me back to the island. Retracing the journey west over the barren interior of the island and the view opening up towards Taransay across bands of shining sea. Thinking of that sudden reveal at Luskentyre as the dunes part and Traigh Rosamol blends from sand to sea to mountain.

It’s got me..”


Christopher Swan: Harris in the Spring - rainbow over the sea & mountain bacdrop

Harris in the Spring

Christopher’s love of Harris and his talent for photography has resulted in the publication of a new book “Christopher Swan: Harris In The Spring”. This limited edition book contains some stunning images of Harris seascapes and mountains and comes with a free print. Whether the island of Harris is one of your favourite places, or you just love looking at beautiful pictures of stunning Scottish locations, this is a wonderful photo book and makes a great present for someone.

The book is published by  Kozu Books as part of their “Landscape Editions” series and is a limited edition run of 100 copies.

Christopher Swan: Harris in the Spring - dunes, sea and mountains

Christopher Swan: Harris in the Spring - image of inside the book showingsandy beaches

Christopher Swan: Harris in the Spring - beach with white cottage in the distance


Get your limited edition copy of Christopher Swan: Harris in the Spring with free print from Kozu Books. I’ve just ordered mine and I’m planning next year to visit some of these amazing locations on Harris!

Find out more about Christoper Swan Photography

See Christopher’s website for more of his work and follow him on Twitter @photographyswan. Don’t forget to check out Christopher’s Local Tips: Beautiful places in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands too.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Christopher’s photos and which is your favourite.


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